After 15 years and six albums, Dungen are in a familiar place. Like an old friend, their pastoral jazz-tinged pop can be easily forgotten but it’s always a welcome, drifting return. And five years since their last release, ‘Allas Sak’ is a bright continuation of the freewheeling melodies that has made much of their output pretty blissful listening.

Armed with guitars, drums, bass, flutes, violins and an array of arrangements that veer from the mystic to the seasonal, tracks like the bongo-driven ‘Sista Festen’ and the busy flute of ‘Franks Kaktus’ should be incense-drenched disasters, but where the former hooks you in with sweet West Coast vocals, the latter eases into a smoky, bass-sliding slow jam. Firmly rooted in their continued ability to strike a balance between sun-kissed harmonies and hippie clichés, Dungen have, for the most part, steered their psych-pop the right side of pious spirituality.

‘Allas Sak’ stays diligently true to that intent, and while it doesn’t hit the heights of the brilliant ‘Ta Det Lugnt’ as a result, it’s still a scenic footnote to another summer.


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