Moving away from the sample-led psychedelia of his debut album (2013’s ‘Years Not Living’), DFA’s Larry Gus has summoned the confidence to strip things back, go up front with his own instrumentation and stand on his own two compositional feet. The classic worldbeat sounds of the likes of David Byrne and Peter Gabriel are interspersed with Notwist- and Lali Puna-esque skittering electronica and the neo-dub of Peaking Lights to construct an intimate, cavernous world as its master grapples with fatherhood, physical exile and artistic jealousy with disarming candour.

Gus really succeeds when ‘I Need New Eyes’ manages to create a coherent mood of nocturnal melancholy. ‘A Set of Replies,’ ‘Belong to Love,’ and the epic ‘All Graphs Explored’ are all worthy additions to the James Murphy’s label’s lineage, while closer ‘Nazgonya’ is a piece of thumping ’80s new wave that even Arthur Russell might be proud of. At times the poetry can be clumsy (to be fair Gus, aka Panagiotis Melidis, is a native of Greece), but, overall, this is a worthy DFA release and an indicator of what might yet come from an emerging talent.


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