Ty Segall is a man of unrelenting – almost aggressive – productivity, so after putting out a solo LP in each of the past seven calendar years, it would’ve been a far bigger shock if he hadn’t put anything out in 2015. Alongside his own ‘Live in San Francisco’ album, comes this second collaborative album with fellow Californians Charles Moothart and Chad Ubovich.

The untrained ear, on first listen, might not discern too dramatic a stylistic departure from Segall’s solo work on ‘II’, but where last year’s ‘Manipulator’ was a sprawling and highly varied effort, this album is Fuzz playing it considerably straighter. It’s a rambunctious effort bursting at the seams with riff-driven jams that seldom actually go anywhere, but – on the likes of standouts ‘Red Flag’ and ‘Bringer of Light’ – are good fun all the same. Those two tracks succinctly capture both sides of ‘II’; the former’s breakneck and overblown, and the latter’s languid and almost bordering on stoner rock. The title track – the closer – runs at almost fourteen minutes.

Is ‘II’ indulgent and overblown? Yes. Entertaining along the way? Yes as well.


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