Rain-soaked Manchester might not be the obvious place to look for shimmering, sun-dappled indie pop, but Ryan Kennedy has crafted another album that dumbfounds as much as it delights. His second outing as Horsebeach is a gorgeous record; ten tracks that stretch themselves out to bask in the late afternoon haze and carry not a hint of Northern gloom. That such a delightful set of songs were crafted alone, amid suburban drudgery, makes it all the more impressive.

Unlike others in thrall to C86 jangle pop (Kennedy cites Real Estate as a big influence) he’s careful not to drench everything in reverb – the guitars are crisp and light, melodies flicker through the songs like candle light at dusk, the drums are kept sharp, bright, and simple. His voice carries just a hint of Morrissey’s melancholy, but a little echo keeps it floating just above the music; the perfect, beguiling tone to deliver lines like: “She wears an oversized sweater to hide her oversized heart”. Dreamy, atmospheric, and utterly charming, then, Horsebeach deserve to reach a wider audience second time around.