Esmerine are a post-rock supergroup of sorts, formed by Bruce Cawdron of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Rebecca Foon of Thee Silver Mt. Zion, back in the early years of this millennium. Their fifth studio album sees them and a roster of guest musicians combine to superb effect.

Certainly, the stylistic hallmarks of GSY!BE and their contemporaries can be strongly felt at times; there are the suspenseful builds, the cataclysmic crescendos and the apocalyptic maelstroms of noise that are the signature sounds of this genre. But there are also strong distinctions; witness the rough edges and gypsy rhythms of ‘Funambule’, or the tense math rock and looping fractal forms to be heard on ‘19/14’. There’s something about this music that absorbs and surrounds you – the absence of vocals almost means it demands more of your attention, and a more visceral engagement with the music.

At its best, ‘Lost Voices’ casts off the shackles of the ordinary and the mundane, and transports you to a world of higher feelings.


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