Jaye Bartell is a poet – someone able to mention Hieronymus Bosch and Federico Garcia Lorca as main influences in his songwriting; a writer roaming through the States, from North Carolina to the Pacific Northwest and back, to Buffalo first and then Brooklyn at last. He learned to record in 2008, and from then on his verses have melded with melody and accidental environmental noises, also thanks to a supportive group of fellow artists and musicians.

That’s the way ‘Loyalty’, his debut album, was born: 300 copies only, initially released in 2013 by Headway Recordings (a small, experimental label based in Asheville, NC, like Bartell at the time) and now reprinted and distributed by Sinderlyn. It’s a rusty, dark, intense folk record, made of the songwriter’s imprecise yet extremely expressive voice and reverbed guitars, with sounds swinging from the Velvet Underground to Timber Timbre or Angel Olsen, like black and white love songs from a haunted house. It’s an intriguing introduction, too; an appetiser useful to keep us satisfied while waiting for his new album, due in 2016.


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