Cast your mind back to Britain in the grip of despair and anxiety. A time of strikes, austerity, protest, poverty and Conservative rule… no, not last week, but 1985 during the dying embers of post-punk. Normil Hawaiians have just recorded their third studio album – ‘Return of The Ranters’ – a searing state of national address, which brings to bear the full weight of their ire against a Thatcherite government… only to see the record get shelved for thirty years.

Cut to 2015 and Britain has returned to a time of despair, austerity (etc….) so what better time than now to reissue and remaster this lost could-be classic? Much of the album – specifically the more experimental instrumentals such as ‘Sleibhte Macalla’ and ‘Piton De La Fronaise’ – have withstood the test of time.

Of course, there are some anachronistic elements to the lyrics, but the emotive force with which many of these songs are delivered elevates tracks like ‘Battle of Stonehenge’ and ‘Slums Still Stand’ beyond the ravages of their age; ushering in a welcome revival, for the last of the lost protest collectives.