Dilly Dally’s name is a red herring. The Toronto four-piece certainly don’t mess about when they belt out their heavy melodic songs that boast layers of swampy noise and exciting pop hooks. The two leaders of the group, Katie Monks and Liz Bell, bonded over a mutual love for the Pixies and other bands. It’s apparent on this, their debut album, which plays out like a fun game of joining the dots of the Canadian four-piece’s adored acts. There are hints of The Smashing Pumpkins during the smouldery opener, ‘Desire’, Breeders-esque riffs on ‘Purple Rage’, and ‘Ballin Chain’ showcases enthralling blasts of noise that Sonic Youth would have been proud of.

Despite following the template of their heroes with quiet-loud-quiet song structures they manage to avoid sounding outdated thanks to Monks’ invigorating snarl that gives their grunge-pop everlasting energy. ‘Sore’ may not break any new ground but there are plenty of left turns and invigorating twists that make Dilly Dally’s debut album more than just a case of spotting the ’90s alt rock influences.


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