One glance at some of the song titles on Sim Hutchin’s debut album is enough to tell you that here’s an artist attempting to be more political than your average rising IDM talent. A visual artist as much as a musician, his aesthetic and music chime perfectly with his subject matter; ambient electronica and experimental techno that is by turns woozy, unnerving, and steeped in feelings of Millennial malaise.

Part post-club come down, part William Basinski transposed to the grime of inner city London, there’s a trance-like quality to these nine tracks; an incessant buzz bubbling under the stuttering beats and glitch-heavy effects. Lovingly produced, too, there’s a richness here that eschews the cold, metallic sheen of much of Hutchins’ peers, and it sounds fantastic through headphones – that locked-in sense of claustrophobia perfectly reflecting the record’s overall mood and themes.

Original without being difficult, enjoyable while being distinctive; that ‘I Enjoy To Sweep A Room’ triumphs without compromise is a testament to just how assured Hutchins has become.