Following releases by all-male quartet Girl Band and lone female U.S. Girls, this mixed-gender, female-fronted four-piece are the latest act to confuse music writers everywhere with their wilfully misleading moniker. To Chorusgirl’s credit, they’ve then incorporated another layer of complexity via the nervy, androgynous tones of Silvi Wersing, which are a double-take-inducing cross between Pete Shelley, Ellis Jones of Trust Fund and Lush’s Miki Berenyi. The influence of Lush here extends far beyond wispy, multi-tracked harmonies. It’s there, in layer upon layer of lovingly-smudged guitars and in the opalescent shimmer of melodies like ‘Sweetness and Light’, while counteracting any potentially cloying, indie-pop sweetness are Wersing’s words, which are variously rooted in isolation, heartache and grief. There’s some lovely songwriting here (see the noir-ish surf-pop of ‘No Moon’ and the squalling soloing in the outro of ‘This Town Kills’) and most of it falls in the first half of the record. If Chorusgirl can just improve their stamina, their second album should be very special indeed.