‘Highly Deadly Black Tarantula’ may be the most oppressive-sounding album of 2015. Every sound on the record – squalling feedback, cavernous drums, even unexpected trumpet interludes (sometimes mariachi, sometimes Last Post) – spews a pall of blackness out of the speakers. While the prevailing atmosphere is more akin to the recent wave of horror soundtrack reissues, ‘Animal Manservant’ and ‘Field Punishment’ are less Death Waltz than death disco. The latter even borders on New Order territory, though this doesn’t exactly seem like an intentional tribute. Eleven minute closer ‘Love Theme for 1984’ expand Teeth of the Sea’s sound even further, a single compelling beam of light breaking through the clouds for the first and only time.

The band carry it off well, and only ‘Have You Ever Held a Bird of Prey’ seems indulgent, opening with four minutes of oscillating white noise that sounds like a slow-moving train, which undermines its transition into one of the album’s most sinister synth grooves. Not an album to be taken lightly.