Our November 2015 issue features Boots, Alan Vega, Anna Von Hausswolff, Ex-Easter Island Heads, Floating Points, The Sound and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Read it here!


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The first time I listened to Boots’ debut album it was around 1am through headphones. It was the production that got me, especially on a track called ‘C.U.R.E.’ – a vaguely Eastern, bass-heavy song that I instantly imagined El-P and Killer Mike rapping over. I knew that Boots had been involved with Run The Jewels’ last album, and I’m sure that that played a big part in my immediate liking of ‘Aquaria’, but nonetheless, Boots’ own record is impressively meaty and pro away from his associations – varied, too.

I was also listening as someone who knew that this guy had produced a majority of FKA Twigs’ ‘M3LL155X’ EP too, and that there was some kind of Beyoncé hook-up, although when the names of mega stars accompany those of breaking musicians, it’s usually because they maybe played a show together once, and little more. Turns out not to be the case with Boots, who co-wrote and produced 9 of the tracks from Beyoncé’s most recent, eponymous album. With that in mind, he’s done an incredible job of keeping a low profile, refusing to confirm his real name until recently, skulking in the shadows of his videos and appearing as a cold blur on his forthcoming album sleeve. That’s not exactly why Sam Walton travelled to Los Angeles to spend a day with Boots – to discover who the hell this guy is – but it quickly became an unavoidable question.

Boots, as you’ll read, is a purposefully mysterious fellow. The business with Beyoncé – and how he got the gig – has become his biggest secret, although it’s hard to decipher why. Sam’s few hours with him pose the question if the ‘why’ really matters at all, and as the pair spar about the value of truth and secrets in the world of pop music, you’ve got to give Boots credit for not shutting down the conversation where many other artists would have. The more Boots talks, the less we really know, beyond how much fun there is in continuing to guess.

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