In the recent post-punk wave, TRAAMS are Britain’s golden ticket to break the American and Canadian monopoly. Spinning this, the band’s second album on Fat Cat Records, Ought’s is inevitably the first name that comes to mind: the trio from Chichester follow the Canadians’ footsteps into contemporary neurosis, but without the tension and claustrophobia of their production. And if ‘Succulent Thunder Anthems’ and ‘Sister’ are the closest they get to the fast paranoia of their fellows, in the remaining tracks of the album Stu Hopkins and his bandmates sharpened their indie-rock sound to a fast post-punk.

The kraut influences of previous record ‘Grin’ have gotten a bit lost in the process, but the pop echoes that always marked TRAAMS’ songs are still there to add a melodic touch to a songwriting that closely resembles Modest Mouse’s, as they openly admit themselves. The slow, hypnotic sounds of the title track stand side by side with the fast guitars of ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme (Love)’ and ‘Two Sides’ for 39 minutes of strong ’90s rock revival.


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