Hailing from Long Beach, California, Sue Tissue, Vex Billingsgate, Frankie Ennui, John McBurney and Chuck Roast, aka Suburban Lawns, are the early ’80s best kept secret. Their only spot of celebrity came in 1980, when Saturday Night Live aired the video Jonathan Demme directed for their track ‘Gidget Goes to Hell’, unveiling a new Californian punk, made of hammering bass and sandy beaches. With this reissue of the band’s self-titled and only album from 1981, New Wave’s sunny side comes back into the light, enhanced by 5 songs from their 1983 ‘Baby’ EP; gems remained hidden until Futurismo’s re-discovery. Putting together the mood of the Pacific Coast with the coeval hitting British sound, and finishing it off with a twist of pop and Tissue’s hollow voice, the band took art punk to a whole new meaning, made of Devo, surf, and trips to (or, rather, in) the desert. Singing of stale Doritos, janitors and computer dates (!), Suburban Lawns add a new point of view to California’s legendary noir facet, leaving a clear lipstick trace in New Wave’s forgotten history.