Life seems incredibly simple for Barcelona three piece The Saurs: form a band, write some songs, put out a few EPs, play some major festivals, record an album and continue to do what you do best. And what do they do best? Free-wheeling, twisting garage rock, all screeching guitars, wailing vocals and furious hair-snapping rhythms. Their garage is one adorned with posters of The Stooges and Axl Rose though, and they’re probably too busy playing an old copy of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater to even consider going out surfing. A celebration of head-banging and unpretentiousness, ‘The Magic Shape’ works its way through all of one gear as if any break in tempo will allow the swamp of distortion and feedback to catch up and devour all before it. There’s the psychedelic tinge of ‘Melting Castle’ and… well, that’s mostly it. Undeviating commitment to the cause – you can play pin the tail on the single with the track listing, but it’s a cause most of us ditched a while back.