We’ve made a playlist of some of our favourite songs of the year.


Last week we posted our Albums of The Year list for 2015, but what about the tracks we’ve been playing the most since January? Due to literally no demand, we’ve put together this Spotify playlist featuring some of our highlights.

There’s 40, again, although that’s not to say that there’s simply one from each of our top LPs: as you know, sometimes tracks don’t work as well outside of the albums that house them (like Floating Points, say, who’s ‘Elaenia’ is brilliant but best enjoyed as its whole), and other times great songs can be hidden on records that let them down. There’s also been plenty of music released this year as standalone singles, by acts still working on their first albums, and some who just wanted to remind us that they’re still alive.

We picked these 40 intuitively – please enjoy them.


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