It doesn’t need stating what a potentially perilous move covering one of the greatest albums of all time in its entirety is, especially when its by David Bowie. We know it, Disappears know it. Their impetus for doing so – beyond for fun or tribute – however, remains a little murky.

Sadly, not a great deal of fun is had from the off. ‘Low’ has always very much been a record of two halves and Disappears’ interpretation of it is no different. With the exception of a rousing, Wire-esque ‘What in the World’, the A-Side here is a scrappy, stick-to-the-original rendition that offers little other than bemusement and disappointment, including a straight-up awful version of ‘Sound and Vision’, but once they are free from the more structured material the group do offer some interesting re-workings, with ‘Warszawa’ aligning with what Martin Hannett might have extracted from the album when applying it to Joy Division’s aesthetic, whilst ‘Weeping Wall’ broods with dystopian menace.

Comparisons to the original are futile but, in short, the second half is worth investigating.