If I were to create a Venn diagram that contained my knowledge of psychedelic music in one set and my familiarity with modern Spanish rock in another, the crossover (it’s called the union in a Venn diagram) would, admittedly, be left a little wanting. And so when Spanish psych-rockers Guadalupe Plata’s latest LP arrived on my desk, I approached it with a concern that I might not be qualified to review the tracks contained therein.

It turns out I needn’t have worried, for the creaking, visceral noise they create out of the small southern town of Úbeda is rooted in the universal. Incorporating haunting Spaghetti Western textures, the group share a lineage with Mississippi Blues and Tropicália, while dipping their creative quill in the same incendiary garage rock inkwell as Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees have done of late. And yet by incorporating the Moorish and Romany sounds of their homeland, tracks like ‘Calle 24’ and ‘Mecha Corta’ become uniquely Andalusian. Give it a try. You might just realise that you like Spanish psych too.