Former Très.b guitarist Olivier Heim’s debut album finds the Dutch American in transition. His previous solo incarnation, released under the pseudonym Anthony Chorale throughout 2012 and 2013, was a folksy affair, but ‘A Different Life’ sees him dip his toe in sunnier waters, taking a diversion into hazy, soulful pop.

Much of what you need to know about this album is held in the opening track. ’Far Apart’ sees Heim drench his vocals in reverb and washes of languorous rhythm, driving the song along with a springy guitar hook. Heim then rinses and repeats that formula with varying pace, all the way to the final bars of closer ‘Drive By’, which is essentially a bit of a problem.

There are highlights (the mournful surf-rock of ‘Italy’, the ambient flutterings on ’Dive’ and the shimmering ’80s jam of ’A Different Life’) but it’s hard to pinpoint the pinnacle of the album, especially when songs begin to feel like they’re fading into a single morass somewhere between ‘Ocean’ and ‘Pasadena’.

Heim’s sound falls somewhere on a spectrum between Washed Out and Mac DeMarco: he’s looser than the former but lacks the clever conceptualism, and cleaner than the latter but lacks the wit and sheer life-force that masks the Canadian’s limitations. The end result is a pleasant thirty-minute hazy pop ramble, which might be rather charming, but is also rather unremarkable.