The past few years might have seen a new wave of post-punks crashing across the British indie landscape but none have quite matched the splash made by Leeds-based quintet Eagulls, whose cannonball riffs and glowering attitude have clearly rubbed off on at least one band down the road. A trio of ale-supping skaters going by the mononyms Joe, Bry and Dave (or rather, “Dirdsbead”), Sievehead got their start playing Sheffield DIY punk venue and practice space The Lughole and already have a cassette and 7” to their name, to which can now be added this solid, if slightly derivative, debut LP.

Beyond their West Yorkshire forebears, the references are at least impressively diverse, merging gloomy late-seventies local fare like the Comsat Angels (‘Try the Mirror’) with the surf-punk of Agent Orange and the mid-eighties Californian SST label roster (‘Dream Snatchers’, ‘Weakened’). The result is an enjoyable, curiously transatlantic-sounding LP that’s equally suited to a sunny skate video soundtrack or a rainy Sheffield commute.