If there is a single group who could be seen, sonically, to be “perceiving the sounds (or cries) of the world” then Sunn O))) are certainly a mighty contender. In this context, however, it is the name of an aspect of Buddha – Kannon – and the ostensible subject of this album. ‘Kannon’ [the album] is constructed of three pieces, each one a heavy slab of the band’s trademark sustained drones, with the icy, steel-like guitar wrestling with the shuddering, ground-splitting bass.

There are slow, prolonged chants and mantras delivered with gargled black metal snarl from regular collaborator Attila Cshir, which adds further to the already explicit metal tone to the album. The shuddering shifts throughout the record are fluid yet deeply forceful in their dynamic morphing and it’s a constantly complete and occupying listen. For a group who have perfected the art of extracting as much from a single musical note as is humanly possible, it’s startling to hear how much breadth for evolution and continued experimentation Sunn O))) have left themselves with to play with.