If there was any justice in the world, Aidan Knight might be one of your favourite artists. But life is unfair, and Knight’s career has flown beneath the radar since his 2010 debut album. It doesn’t help that he hasn’t released a record in three years, but, poor time-keeping aside, this Canadian troubadour is in need of the wider acclaim that ‘Each Other’ once again deservers.

Knight’s third album sets us adrift in a sea of opulent, folksy-pop. It might be short, running a shade over thirty minutes, but in just eight tracks he packs together the bittersweet melancholia of Sufjan Stevens (‘St. Christina’), the lush arrangements of Andrew Bird (‘What Light (Never Goes Dim)’) and the wistful vocals of Jeff Buckley (‘All Clear’). It pays off on Knight’s early promise, showing that while he might not be as prolific as his contemporaries, he’s more than their musical equal. “I know there’s power left in the way we sing to each other” intones Knight on standout track ‘Funeral Singers’: ‘Each Other’ proof positive that sentiment is true.