It’s possible that the title of an album has never been as revealing as Benji Hughes’ ‘Songs in the Key of Animals’. Firstly, he likes animals. A lot. At times, it sounds like a stand-up set comprised solely of tedious animal puns, so much so that it becomes nonsensical. That’s probably the point though.

Secondly, its raison d’être seems to be to take established, well-loved song structures and bastardise them (again, hence the title), warping them with an unexpectedly gruff voice and a zany sense of humour. Oh, and more animals. ‘Fall Me in Love’ could be a legitimate pop tune if it weren’t for the off-the-wall yet simultaneously banal spoken confessions throughout, and so could ‘Freaky Feedback Blues’ if it didn’t sound so much like ‘Fall Me in Love’. What else can we take from the record? Probably this: “Girls like parties/Girls like the beach/Girls like shopping… and yoga” from ‘The Love Below’-esque ‘Girls Like Shoes’. Thanks Benji.


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