Daughter’s second album is one of those records whose lyrics elevate it from good to great. Singer Elena Tonra’s lyricism is clearly a forte; her words are soaked in emotion and hugely expressive. ‘Alone / With You’, for instance, is a brutal dissection of domesticity, while at the same time railing against the lonely flipside. On ‘Doing The Right Thing’ lines like “I’ll lose my mind / I’ll lose my children / I’ll lose my love” are genuinely captivating, and Tonra has an ability to eschew melodrama and write about love in a very incisive way.

Musically, ‘New Ways’ is sweeping and shimmering, with a huge sound; the whole song seems to emerge gleaming and wet from a sea of dry ice. ‘Made Of Stone’ is then a gentle, ballad-like vignette.

Underneath all of its exquisitely chiming layers, ‘Not To Disappear’ is a relatively straightforward indie album. Yet it’s also a thing of real beauty – an album best listened to through headphones whilst walking through a crowded city, its sonic curves and sweeps adding beauty to the everyday.

Daughter are a band with a highly unique musical identity, and while that identity has only developed a little since their 2013 debut, ‘Not To Disappear’ drips class from every icy hook.