Hear a new track from the southern Algerian band City Slang have recently signed.


If you caught Songhoy Blues or Mdou Moctar last year, it might be that you saw Imarhan touring along with them.

The six-piece are from Tamanrasset in Southern Algeria, a place where the Tuareg community of Northern Mali eventually settled. The Kel Tamashek people ended their exile there in the early 1990s, having struggled to find a permanent home for three decades.

Imharan first came together as a casual group of players in 2008. Now with the assistance of frontman Sadam’s cousin Eyadou Ag Leche (part of Tinariwen), they’ve recorded their self-titled debut album, an intoxicating brew of traditional Saharan desert folk and Algerian Rai grooves.

You can check out a new track, ‘Assossamagh’, taken from the album below:

Their self-titled debut, ‘Imarhan’, arrives via City Slang on 29 April. It features the following tracks.

1. Tarha Tadagh
2. Tahabort
3. Ibas Ichikkou
4. Idarchan Net
5. Assossamagh
6. Imarhan
7. Addounia Azdjazzaqat
8. Id Islegh
9. Arodj N-Inizdjam
10. Alwak

And here’s the artwork.


They return to the UK on March 10 where they will support Kurt Vile at London’s Roundhouse.