It’s not often that an album’s artwork is very worthy of mention, but the cover for this record is remarkable, harking back to something you might have seen in the mid-seventies enveloping a sci-fi concept album. Which is, in fact, what ‘Infinite Summer’, NZCA Lines’ second full-length, transpires to be; we’re given to understand that this is a window into a future where humanity is doomed and has decided to engage in a perpetual party.

Rather than a concept album though, this feels like a relatively straightforward collection of shiny, well polished electropop tracks, with the requisite high-toned vocals. That Charlotte Hatherley (of Ash and Bat For Lashes fame) features on this record is an unexpected twist, but of course this is very much Michael Lovett’s project.

These are perfectly crafted pop songs, but perhaps they’re a little too clinically assembled; ‘Two Hearts’, for instance, could easily have served as the soundtrack to a mid-nineties video game. You find yourself held back, emotionally constrained, anticipating an irresistible chorus or a smack-round-the-chops melody which never quite arrives. It’s akin to Hot Chip minus the hooks. The standout track here is the heavily eighties-soaked ‘How Long Does It Take’ – a chunky, semi-epic slice of electronic euphoria. Sadly though, much of the rest of this album is frustratingly pedestrian.