There’s something darkly seductive about Billie Lindahl’s debut release for Bella Union as Promise and the Monster, drawing you in to a Wicker Man-like web that’s simultaneously unnerving and exhilarating. Ostensibly an alt-folk album, ‘Feed The Fire’ is a slow-burner, only tentatively pushed along by vapour-thin vocals and gentle acoustics that can occasionally drift over towards the intangible. You might label some of these tracks forgettable or, being more generous, acknowledge the un-placeable and dream-like quality they lend the record.

Either way there are some stand-out moments worth waiting around for while the use of a Chinese violin and Mariachi style horns see Lindahl rightfully earn her multi-instrumentalist tag. ‘Julingvallen’ is like the soundtrack to a Scandinavian horror, though during a scene of rare comfort and companionship, while standout-track ‘Machines’ is instantly catchy and melodic: a nocturnal croon, the kind of which might play on the jukebox in Twin Peaks’ R and R diner. A few more like these and the album would be a whole lot more intriguing.