Listen to the title track from ‘Bloom Forever’ – the debut album from Ex-S.C.U.M. frontman Thomas Cohen.


Thomas Cohen is returning to music after an extremely tragic time in his still young life.

He was just 21 when his band, S.C.U.M., split up, failing to live up to their early potential. You might know him as the magnetic frontman of that group who always looked good in a hat, or perhaps you know him as the husband of Peaches Geldof, who sadly died at their Surrey home in April 2014, aged 25.

Cohen was halfway through recording an album at the time, and was left to raise his and Peaches’ two young boys alone. Eventually he decided to complete the album, relocating to Iceland to finish ‘Bloom Forever’, released 6 May 2016 via Stolen Recordings.

Here’s the title track from it, which recounts the birth of Cohen’s second son, giving you an idea of the personal nature of this debut album, and a sense of Cohen’s new, mid-floating sound and Brett Anderson-ish vocals.


There’s also a great video for the track.