Founding member of Albany’s Self Defense Family Hans Leibold returns with a new project and cassette release on Sheffield’s Tye Die Tapes.


Back in 2010, Hans Leibold left the band he’d founded 7 years before, Self Defense Family (formerly known as End of a Year). The US/UK post-punk band went on to release their well-received debut album ‘You Are Beneath Me’ on Deathwish Inc. as well as four other albums.

After he left the band Hans headed to Seattle, visited other places, before winding back up in Albany, NY where he reunited with Self Defense Family’s Andrew Duggan. It was there they started their Overnight Drive podcast, and Hans also started recording demos that will now be released under this new moniker Bare Mattress.

The album is called ‘Don’t Complain/Don’t Explain’ and you can stream the six tracks on it here:

‘Free Yard’ is the first single which will be released on cassette with a digital download by Tye Die Tapes of Sheffield, UK worldwide on Friday 26 February.