Upon opening Telegram’s page on Soundcloud, the first thing that welcomes the listener is their rendition of Brian Eno’s classic ‘Needles in the Camel’s Eye’ – fair enough for an outfit rising from the ashes of a Roxy Music cover band. Looking like sleek guys from the seventies, the London-based quartet with Welsh origins only share this vintage attire with Temples, although their sound is rawer and more aggressive; their songs, in their own words, “cracked, crepuscular canticles.”

‘Follow’, their first single, which saw the production of Dan Casey (who has already worked with another heavy psychedelic, kraut-informed band, Toy, among others) is possibly the most polished and controlled track among the 13 on this debut album, together with the well arranged and balanced ‘We’ve Got a Friend’. Elsewhere, though, fuzz and reverb gets the better of melodies and sounds, as in the promising ‘Under the Night Time’ and ‘Telegramme’, which unfortunately gets lost in its more than six minutes of Syd Barrett-esque indulgent structure.


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