Featuring Bruce Cawdron formerly of God Speed You! Black Emperor, Esmerine’s new video combines projections and stop-frame animation in a completely new way.

Esmerine – the Canadian post-rock group that features former God Speed You! Black Emperor man Bruce Cawdron and Rebecca Foon formerly of Thee Silver Mt. Zion – released one of the most beautiful and powerful instrumental albums of last year.

‘Lost Voices’ featured artwork from Montreal creative duo Clyde Henry, who’ve been nominated for an Oscar in the past for one of their short animations. It’s easy to see why from this new video for ‘Neighbourhoods Rise’, in which Clyde Henry individually filmed Esmerine in performance and then projected the film onto simple constructivist-inspired sculptures of the band. These ‘puppets’ were then animated to synch with the projections, frame for frame, by hand. The result of mapping film with stop-frame animation makes for addictive watching, and suits the swell of the band’s orchestrated epic strings perfectly.

Bruce Cawdron told us of the video:

Esmerine has been working with Clyde Henry on different projects for over a decade. First, working on the soundtrack of Cannes award-winning Madame Tutlli Putli and in the Montreal scene through the years.

They’re good friends of ours, and we share an aesthetic and artistic vision. We love the their commitment to working with stop-motion animation, and the dream-like fantasy quality that brings to any film.

For the video of Neighbourhoods Rise, it was a super fun process where we essentially had to ‘animate’ ourselves for the puppet; becoming more animated in our movements to inspire the puppets themselves in their expression – if that makes any sense.

We love the way it worked out!


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