The first taste of new music from Doran Edwards since his 2012 debut album ‘Choreography’.


It’s been a minute since Weird Dreams put out some new music. 2012, in fact. Doran Edwards is back with ‘The Ladder’, a song which sees him take a stride away from the shoegaze-y vibe of his debut album ‘Choreography’. The production on ‘The Ladder’ is particularly impressive, all downbeat Animal Collective-style whirring synths.

Here are some words from Weird Dreams about the track:

“It’s been a long and short four years. Weird Dreams never stopped for me, it just became private. The songwriting was a near constant. There’s more music to share soon, but starting with ‘The Ladder’ now feels right, as it was the first song of real difference, and remained unfinished for a few years while I obsessed over an image that I began to pursue as sound on the last Weird Dreams song before this one (‘House of Secrets’) – the reflections of water on a swimming pool ceiling at night. For reasons that are still unclear, this imagined image of light and water moved me in a desperate time, distracting from what felt like the rest of the world falling away.”

That explains the new imagery he’s released with the song. Listen to it here:

If you like it, he’s announced a new show, too. Weird Dreams presents Luxury Alone on at The Waiting Room, London on 7 March.

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