Records records records. We get sent a hell of a lot. Here’s 7 that we kept returning to throughout the month of March.


You’ve probably got the idea of this bit by now – each month we’re rounding up the albums that we’ve been playing the most in our office. After all, there’s a lot of music released these days; these seven we kept coming back to.

Artist: Lionlimb
Title: Shoo
Label: Bayonet
What is it? The debut album from a Brooklyn duo usually found in Angel Olsen’s backing band.
L&Q says: “A classy take on easy-listening soul that’s usually played by bands that are older and dourer and still don’t pay such sweet homage to Elliott Smith.”
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Artist: Anna Meredith
Title: Varmints
Label: Moshi Moshi
What is it? High-minded experimentalism and playful pop sensibility make up renowned composer Anna Meredith’s debut album.
L&Q says: “Meredith’s record balances its avant-garde indulgences with fully-formed songs and recognisable instruments (or at least approximations of them) to delve into the minutiae of modern life.”
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Artist: The Range
Title: Potential
Label: Domino
What is it? James Hinton mined the depths of YouTube to find forgotten vocals for his album of Baltimore club, UK dubstep and grime.
L&Q says: “Without the story it’d stand up as a beautiful piece of work, but add that in and it’s the most human electronic record released for ages.”
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Artist: Poliça
Title: United Crushers
Label: Memphis Industries
What is it? Poliça dial down the autotune and ramp up the political messages in their third album of bruised RnB.
L&Q says: “More than ever it’s worth cocking an ear, as ‘United Crushers’ not only laments relationships gone wrong once again but also guns for social injustice, war, celebrity and what it’s like to live in trigger-happy, modern America.”
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Artist: Cullen Omori
Title: New Misery
Label: Sub Pop
What is it? The debut solo album from ex-Smith Westerns frontman Omori.
L&Q says: “Each song bleeds in and out of genres, defying classification – as if the past and future of Omori’s musical experience is crystallising into some new, as yet unnamed category.”
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Artist: MMOTHS
Title: Luneworks
Label: Because
What is it? Dublin producer Jack Colleran’s minimal debut of nocturnal isolation.
L&Q says: “From the slow saturation of opener ‘You’ to the creeping euphoria of the outstanding, MBV-esque ‘Deu’, it’s all unapologetically elegiac, and Colleran’s catharsis is largely as inspired as it is indulgent.”
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Artist: Chin of Britain
Title: The Weasel is at the Bridge
Label: Waltztimes
What is it? A melodic krautrock concept album about a weasel trying to cross a bridge that’s guarded by an owl.
L&Q says: “Had this album been released in 1970, it would have been startlingly, thrillingly new, but here in 2016 it’s just an absorbing, satisfying, damn fine listen.”
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