‘Adieu or Die’’s opening track, ‘Lagrimas I’ (‘Teardrop I’), is a piece of saccharine electro-pop with that distinctive quality that makes it reminiscent of console game music from the 90. This is the third album of bedroom pop from Spanish artist Isabel Fernández Reviriego, and the songwriting is by no means a weak affair; ‘Memorias’ is exquisitely constructed and hooky in a sunny kind of way.

After nine very short vignettes, the closing title track is an eleven-minute behemoth of ambience, culminating with the sound of waves crashing and birdcalls. At its best, the brightness of the music casts a sunny glow; it’s pleasant listening, but feels thin and insubstantial and isn’t likely to leave a lasting impression, either emotionally or viscerally. For the most part, ‘Adieu or Die’ is the soundtrack to an outdoor summer party at which everyone is too wrecked to care what’s on the speakers. Put this record up against the best electronic pop of recent years and its lightweight nature is all too obvious.


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