Also featured in Loud And Quiet 76 – John Carpenter, Olga Bell, SassyBlack, Julien Baker, Pantha Du Prince, Cullen Omori, Beth Orton and US Girls.


We get heavy in this month’s issue, talking to Anohni about the radical record she’s made with Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never. Its themes include climate change, the misdistribution of wealth, government surveillance, torture, capital punishment and general human irresponsibility. That looks plain depressing, written down, but ‘Hopelessness’ (yep) is also Anohni’s most upbeat and accessible record in many ways.

A quick run down of what else is in the issue looks like this…

Cullen Omori talks about getting over the collapse of his band, Smith Westerns; we went to Berlin to visit Pantha Du Prince and discuss his new record, ‘Triad’; Olga Bell invited us into her Brooklyn home, where she’d go clubbing from, alone, to research dance music and make her forthcoming ‘Tempo’ LP; while THEESatisfaction’s SassyBlack has made ‘No More Lame Dates’, about the modern dating game.

We also met some artists (new and not so new) for the first time – the master of horror movies and horror scores, John Carpenter, Nashville singer-songwriter Julien Baker and Beth Orton, who answered our Getting To Know You questions. US Girls also recalls being a 16-year-old for our Sweet 16 series.

You should definitely pick up this issue, and you can from Saturday (April 23rd).