Percussive psychedelic troupe Flamingods are releasing a new, typically heady album next month. Here’s a brand new track called ‘Taboo Groves’.


Flamingods formed in a chalet at an ATP, where they started making music with pots and pans and invited anyone passing to come in and get into the groove. They’ve never lost that appeal, when releasing a couple of tapes and albums, and playing ‘proper’ shows where percussive world music instruments form the basis of their loose, joyful psychedelia.

They bottle their jammy spirit very well, in fact, and will be releasing new album ‘Majesty’ on June 10th. It features this brand new track, of which group leader Kamal Rasool says…

‘The title of the song comes from a recurring phrase in Herman Melvilles’ 1846 travel memoir ‘Typee’. Melvilles accounts of exploring Polynesian life was a great influence on the new record and we wanted the track to try and capture that tropical sun drenched feeling in sound.

Lyrically the song is similarly about a protagonist being brave enough to leave the comfort of his home, in exchange for heading to a new exotic landscape to experience wonder and enlightenment.

The song is a re-working of Iranian musician Mohammad Alizadeh’s track ‘Eshtebah’ and we went about writing it by playing around with the tracks glorious melody, armed with an array of exotic instruments and the idea of creating a bright and playful rendition of the track.’

Check it out below, and, if you’re in town, catch the band live at Oslo, London, on May 11th.