Watch the debut video from Roxanne Clifford’s new project. It’s shot for VHS, of course.

One of the things that made Veronica Falls so good was their doomed romance – songs about suicide hotspots and love in graveyards that rattled along not to the sound of the ’60s but to the sound of the ’80s trying to sound like the ’60, but, y’know, made in 2009.

Whatever. They were great and have been missed since they quietly slipped away without the fanfare they deserved. The only reason we know (or at least now presume) they’re actually gone is because their singer, Roxanne Clifford, is now launching a solo project called Patience.

The romance is still strong on this debut single (‘The Church’), which will be released by the always good Glasgow label Night School – less Beat Happening this time, more Italo disco; still suiting this extremely lo-fi video.

Pre-order ‘The Church’/’My Own Invention’ here.