We gave the New York band £25 to spend on records and explain what they bought.


Almost nothing is as revealing as your record collection. It’s a personal treasure chest. Even the stuff you rarely listen to (the second album by Embrace) you still remember where it was and why it was you bought it. It might have been the nagging need for it to be part of your classic canon, it might have been that you were just curious about the gaudy artwork (Embrace again) or that it was playing on the record store stereo. Whatever – each purchase tells the story of a moment in time.

That’s the idea behind Bands Buy Records, a new video series we’re starting up – to dig a bit deeper into this curiosity and compulsion. So, from time to time we’re going to give a band £25 to spend on music. They’ve got to buy a minimum of three records which means it’s probably going to be a balancing act of bargain hunting, rarity finding and cash-splurging. Bands are NOT to spunk the full £25 on Kendrick’s latest LP, nor are they to buy a 99p copy of Leo Sayer, pocket the change and have lunch on us.

Yeasayer were the first band to step up to the challenge. Watch below to see how Anand Wilder and Ira Wolf Tuton spent our money.

By the way, Yeasayer’s new album ‘Amen & Goodbye’ is out now and thanks to Flashback Records for letting us film in your brilliant store.