The Barcelona festival is coming. We’ve asked bands from the bill to make us some playlists featuring the acts they recommend who are also playing. Here’s Beirut’s.


At this year’s Primavera Sound (June 1-4), here’s who’ll Beirut will be watching when they’re not playing themselves. It’s an earthy mix of alt-folk and psych, and a score from a horror film. Paul Collins from the band has even written a few words on each band featured on their playlist.

1. Psychic TV, ‘The Orchids’
Genesis has given her life and body to Art. And there is some wonderful music in there too…

2. DJ Koze, ’40 Love’
KOMPAKT records at it’s finest.

3. Cass McCombs, ‘There Can Be Only One’
The greatest American Rock band…

4. Julia Holter, ‘Feel You’
We were lucky enough to play some shows with Julia and her band. Her songs are ethereal and brimming with ideas.

5. Six Organs of Admittance, ‘Light of the Light’
Even Ben Chasny’s pretty songs are completely soaked in darkness. The emotional range of his work is stunning.

6. Selda, ‘Yaz Gazeteci Yaz’
Selda’s 70’s output is some of the best folk-pop to ever come out of Turkey. This show should be a real treat.

7. Neil Michael Hagerty & the Howling Hex, ‘Know That’
Neil Michael Hagerty has made a life in music through fierce independence. His music is free, and unlike anything else.

8. John Carpenter, ‘Halloween Theme’
John Carpenter’s music proves just how personal a film score can be.

9. Boredoms, ‘O’
If you listen to the Boredoms long enough, your skin will begin to glow.

10. Loop, ‘Shot with a Diamond’
This song is gorgeous. A perfect accompanimehnt to a summer night in Barcelona.