As a concept, dark beats and stream of consciousness lyrics typically make for solid listening, but on ‘Monsters and Fairies’ SAVE! never quite find their sweet spot. A collaboration between Marc Nguyen Tan, aka Colder, and poet Craig Louis Higgins Jr., their words and music rarely coalesce into something balanced and complete. With Higgins Jr. in London and Tan in Spain for the creation of ‘Monsters and Fairies’, that sense of disconnection is palpable on the forgetful, sound effect-heavy ‘Rainy Monday’ and the senselessly annoying ‘What Are You Looking At?’ as the pair ease past through beats and stilted sentences.

Elsewhere, the lurching electro of ‘Feel So Good’ evokes David Walliams’ disturbing cameo as Vulva in Spaced, and ‘Darkness in the Middle’ could be overlaid on any big-budget, high-concept fragrance ad. When SAVE! do keep it simple, as on ‘Easy Walk and Talk’, and when Tan’s busy, evolving beats are left to pull focus on instrumental interludes ‘The Tick’ and ‘The Light (Extended)’, ‘Monsters and Fairies’ briefly makes sense. Briefly.