The former Let’s Wrestle man continues his run of making brilliant surreal, amusing clips – this time starring in the video for ‘I Spoke To Euan’.


Wesley Gonzalez, as well as being one of our favourite oddball musicians, has a brilliantly surreal sense of humour. If you didn’t see it, in one of his most recent clips he serenaded a wax version of Susan Boyle.

His latest video, for ‘I Spoke To Euan’, sees him star in a warped, surreal digital chat show where he answers questions like “what’s your favourite type of fish?” and “who is your favourite ventriloquist?”

“The video idea came from my walk home from work, daydreaming about being on TV whilst I was baking,” enlightens Gonzalez.

“Bizarrely, when I told my friend Alex Jackson who co-directed the video he told me he had spent a lot of time working on computer-programmed chat show sets. We then asked Danny Nellis (who also directed ‘Come Through And See Me’) to come in on the project knowing his sense of humour and directorial sensibilities would work perfectly! Artist and all-round good guy Babak Gangei also gave his input in the form of the questions, for which I would like to thank him greatly!”

So there you have it. We like him a lot. Here’s the video:

The track itself is out on 20 May, and he’s doing a bunch of shows before that, including the Great Escape and London’s The Shacklewell Arms on 26 May.