Listen to the first album from Copenhagen trio Less Win, and read their thoughts on each song.


Wind back to this time last year and we premiered Less Win’s debut EP on the site. The Copenhagen band’s urgent sound reminded us of their sometime tour mates Iceage.

Their debut album proper is called ‘TRUST’. It’s their post-punk sound but infused with piano, strings and saxophone. Recorded over the last year at Copenhagen’s Black Tornado Studio it’s far less scratchy than that first offering but full of experimental flare.

Vocalist/guitarist Casper Morilla and vocalist/bass player Patrick Kociszewski has written some words about each of the tracks, so you can deconstruct as you listen.

‘Rituals’ (Kociszewski)
A song that came to be from the fear of never being able to break life’s daily routine. A fear that certain repetitions would make everything monotonous, until you realise that you were worried about something that is a truth you cannot escape, and hopefully it can liberate you from these thoughts and make you enjoy the small variations of any routine.

‘Crucifix’ (Kociszewski)
…Is about losing hope and feeding on that emotion.

‘Mare’ (Kociszewski)
I had a strange night were I experienced sleep paralysis for the first time. I woke up in the middle of the night, and as I looked to the right of me there was this undefined character standing beside me with a deck of cards. I tried to move but it was as if I was glued to the bed. With no warning, this shadow of a man threw the deck of cards right in my face and disappeared and I could move again. The song is a loose interpretation of that experience.

‘Where You Lay Your Hands’ (Kociszewski)
It’s about never knowing what to expect and just letting go and trusting your instincts. The sea, or nature, can be seen as a symbol of the body. It can be both brutal and graceful at the same time. There’s a duality to it that I really find comforting.

‘Haunted Skin’ (Kociszewski)
Haunted Skin is one of the first songs I wrote for the album. It’s about yearning for something that’s out of your reach and letting fate decide whether you’ll have it or not.

‘Bury The Heart / Habits / Jealousy / A Thought To Be More’ (Morilla)
These four tracks encapsulate a specific period in my life that is no more, and left unsaid, for the better. The songs are personal and they are reminders to myself, seared in feelings, and an elephant in the room. In every song there is a pendulum swinging between ambivalence, distrust, fragility, blame, guilt, disloyalty, misperceived innocence, claustrophobic emotions and the disorderly inner eruption of these. They are quiet moments of realisation (or ignorance) that fall in a waving mass on the shoulders – a finger I thought I could point at others but in my silent epiphany I found it only pointing towards myself. These four songs are all connected.

It’s coming out on 24 June via The Big Oil Recording Company so pre-order it if you like what you hear, or see ’em live around the UK.

Tour dates:
Nottingham, Chameleon Arts Cafe (with The Bodies) – 22 June
London, Rough Trade East – 23
London, The Lock Tavern (with The Bodies) – 24
Cambridge, The Blue Moon (with The Bodies) – 26
London, Shacklewell Arms, (headline) – 5 July