Listen to the beautiful lead track ‘Skygger’ from the composer’s forthcoming album ‘The New Cycle’.


One of the albums we’ve spent a lot of time listening to in recent months is Oliver Coates’ ‘Upstepping’. The composer talked about it in detail in our recent feature interview.

Arriving via the same record label (Prah Recordings) later this month is the new album from Karelian (Finnish-Russian border) artist Suokas. He’s been releasing records since 2007, when he got involved with Moscow’s avant-techno scene, but has found himself utilising more organic components this time around.

Not unlike Coates he blends field recordings and acoustic elements – cello, violin and flute, along with traditional Karelian instruments like myankeri and liru – to craft an album that sounds like it was made electronically at home on a laptop, but wasn’t.

Anyway, the result is really beautiful. Listen to the lead track ‘Skygger’ from the upcoming release below:

Suokas will release his new album, ‘The New Cycle’, on 24 June.