Time to console yourself.


In political, sporting and cultural senses June 2016 may well go down as one of modern history’s greatest turds. It truly was an horrendous month (did you not see Muse at Glastonbury?!). Saying that, even with all this glumness about, the world goes on doesn’t it? The last four weeks have produced some excellent releases. Here’s our select on what we’ve enjoyed the most. Stick them on and enjoy forgetting about the world.

Artist: Whitney
Title: Light Upon The Lake
Label: Ninja Tune
What is it? Former members of The Smith Westerns and Unknown Mortal Orchestra released their debut album on Secretly Canadian.
L&Q says: “Its melodies are beautiful and its honesty of emotion is beautiful. Make it a part of your life.”
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Artist: Amber Arcades
Title: Fading Lines
Label: Heavenly
What is it? The story goes that Annelotte de Graaf, a human rights professional in The Hague, spent her life savings on traveling to NY to record her deut with members of Real Estate and Quilt.
L&Q says: “This may be the new soundtrack to your post-festival comedown.”
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Artist: Cat’s Eyes
Title: Treasure House
Label: RAF Records
What is it? Rachel Zeffira and Faris Badwan deliver an extraordinary second album.
L&Q says: “Sublime and hopefully an indication of things to come…”
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Cat’s Eyes were our guests on Midnight Chats episode #4 – listen below.

Artist: The Invisible
Title: Patience
Label: Ninja Tune
What is it? The London trio – Dave Okumu, Leo Taylor, Tom Herbert – came back together. Following the reflective, sombre ‘Rispah’ this was a return to their funky roots.
L&Q says: “The whole thing all comes dressed in The Invisible’s indelible foggy funk lacquer.”
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Artist: Jackie Lynn
Title: Jackie Lynn
Label: Thrill Jockey
What is it? The country music alter ego of Circuit Des Yeux’s Haley Fohr. She recently told us she invented her because she was “sick of dudes telling her what to do”.
L&Q says: “Less an album, more a transfixing tale.”

Artist: Mitski
Title: Puberty 2
Label: Secretly Canadian
What is it? Mitski Miyawaki says she’d give up music for a simple, satisfying home life. Fortunately (only for us) for the moment her turmoils continue to be channeled into ambitious work like this.
L&Q says: “Huge, grand, cathartic alt-rock – in the mould of The Breeders and Portishead.”
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Artist: Let’s Eat Grandma
Title: I, Gemini
Label: Transgressive
What is it? Loud And Quiet cover stars earlier this year, the Norfolk pairing of Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth announced themselves with this idiosyncratic debut album.
L&Q says: “Harmonised trad-folk, a night-terror fairytale, a really weird seasick song about sleep…”
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Artist: Show Me The Body
Title: Body War
Label: Corpus
What is it? The New York hardcore band dropped their debut album without a fuss. The community they’ve built around their music, and this release, is already gathering pace.
L&Q says: “Anger-filled, chaotic and essential.”