A recently launched new feature where we hand over the playlist keys to the people who we think are good.


Last week we kicked off something new.

We’re calling it Mates With Taste, and it comes from the fact that over the years we’ve got to know a ton of independent labels who’ve turned us on to a lot music we now love. Some are releasing limited tape runs from their homes, others are slightly bigger, but they’re all as passionate about their projects and promoting new artists as we are.

So, we’re asking a bunch of them to put together a playlist for our Apple Music curator page, not just of artists who’ve released via the label but also selections that represent the sounds (current or historic) that the label is into.

First up was Sheffield’s Tye Die Tapes. This time, it’s Burger Records, based in California. It was started by Sean Bohrman and Lee Rickard in 2007 as a way for them to release their band Thee Makeout Party! on 7″ vinyl.

“Soon after we started putting out tapes and before you knew it we had 1,000 releases under our belt and more than 800 bands on Burger,” says Sean.

They’ve put together a playlist, which you can listen to below (and also made some entertaining notes on the tracks – read down). “The stuff I’ve chosen reflects our recent obsession with classic rock bands,” explains Sean. “We’ve been getting best of CDs cheap from FYE and rockin’ ’em in the van everyday.”

01. Ted Nugent – Turn It Up: Me and Lee were in a band called The NOiSE! in high school and we were a performance art act that was a mix of Devo and Ted Nugent. Goofy as fuck.

02. ZZ Top – Got Me Under Pressure: Lee got the best of ZZ Top CD recently and this is my favorite song on it. The whole things kills, but I can relate to this song with everything we do. Haha!

03. Mötley Crüe – Livewire: The three knocks on the cowbell at the end of this 100mph song is the best, anytime this song plays I can’t help but play air cowbell along with it.

04. Elton John – The Bitch Is Back: A new favourite for me, this song rules. I’m just getting into Elton John’s catalog – it’s awesome.

05. Motörhead – The Game: This is the ‘Triple H’ theme song. I had it as my alarm earlier this year but it scared me every morning it came blaring next to my head. So I changed it to dogs barking. Still fucking annoying but it’s better than starting off every day being scared awake.

06. Nazareth – Hair Of The Dog: This is a song I listen to before I head to the swap meets or the record conventions because in order to be competitive with all the other vinyl-heads you’ve gotta be a Son Of A Bitch.

07. Van Halen – Jump: This is the first memory I have in my life. The ‘Jump’ video came on TV and I got up on my little table and just started jumping. And I’m still jumping today, I mean, you might as well 😉

08. Cheap Trick – High Roller: This was one of my dad’s favorite bands – he painted a huge portrait of Rick Nielsen that still hangs in our garage. He brought it to their show and got it signed. Then a couple years ago my Dad and I were walking around San Francisco and I saw my friend Paul from Magic Christian on the street. He was playing with Bun E. Carlos’ new project… Tinted Windows? I forget what they were called. Something Windows, dude from Hansen was the lead singer. Anyway, Paul let us in to see their soundcheck and my Dad was super stoked. I felt good I made that happen! MUSIC!

09. Bob Seger – Night Moves: It took me many years to get into the more mainstream songs of Bob Seger (Seger Systems rules forever) but one day this song came on the radio and I was hooked. But ‘Old Time Rock And Roll’ is still a terrible song. Can’t vouch for that, sorry.

10. Andrew Gold – Thank You For Being A Friend: Golden Girls’ theme song is pop magic. Find this record in the dollar bins across America.