It’s the second new track from their forthcoming second album ‘The Hanging Valley’.


Cold Pumas’ debut album ‘Persistent Malaise’ was a marvel in abrasive, looping kraut jams.

It took them a while to cook it up. That was back in 2012. Since then, they toured, a baby arrived, two of them moved to London, one stayed in Brighton, and now they’ve expanded from three to four with Sauna Youth‘s Lindsay Corstorphine joining them on bass guitar.

In winter 2014 they got back into the studio in Homerton, London, and recorded second album ‘The Hanging Valley’. It will arrive via the Faux Discx label and Gringo Records on 19th August.

In their words: “These songs are mostly about discouragement and the black dog, the tepid whines of self­-inflicted unemployment, the repetition of life’s repetitions, the creative dormancies of romantic contentment.”

So, let’s get to the point: here’s a new track from that new album, the second one after ‘Fugue States’. It’s called ‘Severed Estates’ and it’s really good.

And pre-order that new album – here’s an internet link. They’re doing shows in London and Brighton in September,