‘Spooky Lover’ now has a dark accompanying video, watch it below.


Kieran Leonard, we know by now, likes to do things a bit differently. His latest project, Saint Leonard’s Horses, signed their record deal at the site of William Blake’s grave, and will release their debut album in October. It was recorded at the former home of Stanley Kubrick in Hertfordshire, with the album engineered by Kubrick’s grandson Jack Hobbs.

Today, you can watch the video Saint Leonard’s Horses have made for their recently shared track ‘Spooky Lover’. Again, Leonard has harnessed the atmosphere of another intriguing landmark. Directed by Thom Yorke and Massive Attack collaborator Joe Morris, the video was shot at the old Royal London Hospital, most famously inhabited by John Merrick, the Elephant Man, in the late 19th century.

The space itself is now an experimental art gallery but Leonard and the team went in at night to shoot this shadowy film.

Of the video, Kieran Leonard remarks: “The intention was to have no agenda, and no real narrative, we just turned up at the space and let the song generate the mood, we simply responded to that… I had the idea of trying to create a séance atmosphere with the camera’s rolling… essentially we just blasted the song at dangerously high volumes, let the tequila flow and things inevitably became a bit weird.”

Saint Leonard’s Horses release ‘Good Luck Everybody’ via Xtra Mile Recordings on 14 October, and performs live at The Victoria in London on 20 July.