Les Halles, that is French exotist Baptiste Martin, has been working in the New Age field for a while now, turning to forefather artists like Iasos and Emerald Web as a source of inspiration, but focusing on the use of pan-flutes, wooden wind instruments and field recordings to create ethereal and otherworldly soundscapes. ‘Transient’, his latest long playing on the suitably ‘out-there’, dub cassette label Not Not Fun, makes no exception. In its 35 minutes and 8 tracks, the listener’s mind leaves planet Earth to wander into alternative worlds and dimensions.

There’s an aquatic mood to the album, as if the field recording came from Atlantis after its sinking, capturing the bubbling noises of a civilization that learned to breathe underwater, without any claustrophobic feeling of drowning, but as if still swimming towards the sun. As its title suggests, ‘Transient’ is the ideal soundtrack to temporarily leave the human existence and reach other possible realities. It’s genuinely difficult to imagine a different purpose for listening to the record, just as much as it is hard to really find a purpose in life.