A new feature where we hand over the playlist keys to the people who we think are good.


A new thing from us. We’re calling it Mates With Taste, and it comes from the fact that over the years we’ve got to know a ton of independent labels who’ve turned us on to a lot music we now love. Some are releasing limited tape runs from their homes, others are slightly bigger, but they’re all as passionate about their projects and promoting new artists as we are. So we’re asking a bunch of them to put together a playlist for our Apple Music curator page, not just of artists who’ve released via the label but also selections that represent the sounds (current or historic) that the label is into.

There’ll be one of these a week, and we’ve already got some great labels lined up. First up, is Sheffield-based label Tye Die Tapes.

Adam and James met at university in the city. It began, they admit, as a “lo-fi label”. But over the last few years they’ve clocked up 19 releases. Adam says: “The common thread is that it’s all ramshackle and small scale. #TDT20 will be a special one so keep your ears peeled.”

James: “What you’ll hear below is a whistle-stop tour of some Tye Die alumni (Bare Mattress, Bos Angeles, pjaro) and our other favourite songs at the moment. Space and Ruth are both recent discoveries for us and have been in non-stop rotation, ‘How I Beat The Devil’ by The For Carnation is an undiscovered classic and is somewhat of an anomaly for the ‘post-Slint’ band themselves. We’ve tried to keep it all nice and summery, but how could we not include Lungfish?”

You can follow our playlists here.