It was an Olympic effort.


In our piece about the best albums of July we made an appeal for August to be an improvement. And you know what, it was. Mostly that’s because of the Rio Olympics. The best moments were as follows: Ryan Lochte disgracing himself and his nation, the swamp green swimming pool, the handover to Tokyo where the Japanese Prime Minister got dressed up as Super Mario, the look on Louis Smith’s face when he got beaten and this dive. “Bosh, right on his face.”

While all that was happening, there was a load of new music that came out. Here’s the best of it.

Artist: Alex Cameron
Title: Jumping The Shark
Label: Secretly Canadian
What is it? He’s the Australian sleeze-pop star who tours with a tram-conductor called Roy – needless to say his debut is highly entertaining.
L&Q says: “Cameron does indeed slosh his way through it, clearly inspired by Bruce Springsteen but coming off more like Brandon Flowers’ take on Springsteen, if The Killers had recorded on a budget of five bucks.”
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Artist: Exploded View
Title: Exploded View
Label: Sacred Bones
What is it? Anika went to Mexico and formed a new project by accident – their debut LP is unflinchingly claustrophobic.
L&Q says: “Make no mistake: this is rock music in its most dark and instinctual form.”
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Artist: Japanese Breakfast
Title: Psychopomp
Label: Secretly Canadian
What is it? Melodic, guitar-heavy indie from Michelle Zauner, singer and guitarist with Chicago’s Little Big League.
L&Q says: “A superbly made debut that’s fizzy and thrilling, deeply reflective, and consistently compelling.”
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Artist: Cowtown
Title: Paranormal Romance
Label: Audacious Art Experiment/Hot Salvation Records)
What is it? Leeds DIY stalwarts capture the kinetic energy of their live shows on their fourth album.
L&Q says: “Music that focuses on fun rather than the dour earnestness of a lot of rock-orientated bands.”
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Artist: Ryley Walker
Title: Golden Sings That Have Been Sung
Label: Dead Oceans
What is it? Recorded during twilight with ex-Wilco multi-instrumentalist LeRoy Bach, the fourth album from the Chicago songwriter is his most accomplished yet.
L&Q says: “A mellow Midwestern dream.”
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Artist: Haley Bonar
Title: Impossible Dream
Label: Memphis Industries
What is it? She’s prolific – this is album thirteen – but the US songwriter has produced her most affecting work yet.
L&Q says: “Catchy melodies and sweet hooks that function like dopamine and float through the mind like a warm summer breeze.”
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